Ironing is often considered a necessary evil in our busy lives. In an ever more demanding world, many people are finding their work/life balance heavily weighted towards work, leaving little time for leisure and relaxation. If, like many people, a large part of your precious leisure time is spent ironing rather than doing the things you enjoy, let The Crease Monkey help to restore the balance.

At The Crease Monkey, we are passionate about ironing and we pride ourselves on offering our clients a professional yet personal ironing service in Nuneaton and the surrounding areas, including Arley, Whitestone, Bedworth, and Bulkington. We specialise in domestic clothes ironing, including shirts, blouses, casual wear, bedding, school uniforms; in fact anything at all that requires regular ironing. We also offer holiday loads and other one-off collections.

Simplicity coupled with flexibility is the key to our success: we aim to ensure that the collection and delivery of your laundry to be ironed is as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. We will collect and deliver your ironing to a variety of locations throughout Warwickshire to suit you. For some clients it is more convenient to collect and drop off at their place of work, leaving their car keys available, others prefer to drop off and/or collect the clothes personally. We treat all our clients as individuals and take pride in our reputation in offering a bespoke ironing service catering to the needs of each of our clients.

How The Service Works

We know you are busy and we believe in simplicity, so how does our ironing service work? 

We offer both regular and irregular collections, as well as pre and post holiday loads. 

Place your ironing into a basket or suitable bag with hangers as required.Text or call us to arrange collection of your ironing.  

Your ironing will be carried out in a clean, smoke-free environment and will be hung and/or folded as agreed.

Payment in full is due on delivery. We accept cash or a cheque, provided it is covered with a valid cheque guarantee card.  Regular clients may pay by direct bank transfer via online banking.

Enjoy your free time; let The Crease Monkey take the load!

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